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Every Quality Detail Matters

Handmade with the highest quality production method, we customize the most comfortable and durable socks in the industry!
This truly is a perfect gift!


Softest Material

All Furbaby Socks™ socks have a unique Poly-cotton blend that makes our socks incredibly comfortable, breathable and long lasting.

Double Padded Footbed

In order to keep the your feet protected, we crafted a double padded footbed on the bottom of the socks!

Seamless Toe Stitching

This technology eliminates the uncomfortable bump that runs across the front of our competitor's socks.  It's essentially invisible and feels so much more comfortable.

What To Expect?

The Greatest Custom Socks Ever!

✔ YES!  Background Cropped, FREE!
✔ YES!  The Softest Custom Socks
✔ YES!  Every Pair Of Socks is UNIQUE
✔ YES!  100% Machine Wash Safe!
✔ YES!  Socks Are Crew Length 7”
× NO!  Our Socks Will NOT Fade

Customer Reviews

Review 10

Robert W. ✅


They look amazing!!

Review 5

Barb K. ✅


I love the socks! Socks arrived promptly, photos came out clear, and I can’t wait to give them their gift. I’ve already purchased a second pair for a friend.

Review 9

Joseph S. ✅


Meet my daughters dog Teddy.  She was blown away when she opened the package. They love their sox!

Review 2

Amy d. ✅


These socks are awesome! I am so thrilled with the quality and how cute they turned out! I got them quickly too! My kids are going to LOVE these! It sparked some other gift ideas so I just ordered 3 more pairs! :)

Review 6

Nancy S. ✅


Quick order fulfillment! Nice quality too. Thank you!

Maura S. ✅


Perfect gift to celebrate our furry family members! Exceptional quality and quick turn around.

Cat Review

Danielle M. ✅


I could not believe how much I loved the socks I bought for my son!!!! After seeing how great they came out I ended up buying another pair for my daughter!!! Thank you!!!!

Review 7

Stephanie W. ✅


I ordered these socks for my son's girlfriend.  She then ordered a pair for her sister. She loves them!

Terri D. ✅


I bought these as a Birthday gift and it was a huge hit. Several of my friends are planning on ordering some, and I will order more too ! I love them... they were a perfect gift !!!

Review 4

Ethel H. ✅


Great quality socks and the images were awesome! Love them!

Review 8

MRS N. ✅


Can't wait for my daughter to see them!

Aaron O. ✅


These socks are absolutley incredible. The quality is amazing and the colors are vibrant. They also did a perfect job cutting out my pup's face from the picture I provided! Love these!

Complete your gift with our giftbox! Comes with full wrapping on the socks.